Davina Perkins | London Prop Stylist


Inspired by a collection of ceramic chicken egg holders – there’s an entire flock sitting proudly among my teacups! – China Hen is I, Davina Perkins, a stylist and art director with a passion for food, craft and interiors and more than 12 years’ experience in the publishing industry.

Following my graphic design degree, I naturally dived into magazine design and art directing, which helped cement a love of photography, colour and typography and gave me the ability to style the right images for a given brief and dream up endless fresh shoot ideas, from concept to realisation.

Able to think on my feet and use my fluid imagination to solve any on-set issues – from creating snow in the height of summer to finding that all-important missing ingredient – nothing is too much of a challenge.

A wicked sweet tooth as a child kick-started an enchantment with food, and my appetite for travel led to several years working in Dubai, experiencing different cultures and adding to my inspiration palette.

I adore collecting artifacts from around the world: there’s no place I’m happier than at a flea market or charity shop finding a use for someone else’s discarded treasure. Hunting out beautiful textures, patterns and colours, or even hand painting a unique backdrop gives me immense satisfaction, and I thrive on the opportunity to add an invaluable personal touch to every feature I work on.

Clients have included:  Asda, Branston, Betty Crocker, Borough Market,
Co-operative, Delicious, Jacqui Small, M&S, Pavilion, Sainsbury’s, Sarsons, Tesco, Quark, Vogue, Waitrose,